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Our Products

We create custom hardwood farm tables, furniture & more.

All of our products are designed with you, for you and based on your needs.

Our aim is to always start with your ideas, vision and dreams. Tables can be square, rectangular, oval or round. You may have other shapes in mind. What supports the table top may be traditional square farmhouse legs, turned legs of which there are many styles, a single pedestal for a round table or a double pedestal for a large dining table or one of many types of trestle tables.

There is no right type to choose. It is a matter of taste. We do find that where families want to maximize the seating potential at their rectangular table, a trestle base is worth considering. Here is why. With a table that is 84’ x 48’ with a leg at each corner, the actual seating space is reduced to 72” x 36” because the space taken up with the overhang and the thickness of the legs. We build our trestle/double pedestal bases set back 12” from the end so there is no need for ‘knocking your knees’! Another advantage is the potential space to have room for two people sitting at either end. So the starting point is usually “How many people do you want to seat?” and what shape of table do you have in mind?"

New Walnut Mission Desk.jpg
New Pedestal Base 1.jpg
Custom farm table

We build a range of benches and chairs to complement the tables. You may choose to purchase your chairs elsewhere. We are happy with whatever you choose. Some families with children or grand children opt to have a bench on one side, some of our chairs on the other and purchase an upholstered chair for each end. Chair sizes can also be adapted for those with a larger base! The chair backs have either a vertical back, an X back or a ladder back.  As chairs are often weakened over the years by people leaning back, we build the frames so they can be tightened up as needed, although it should be a long time before this is necessary! We had our chairs rigorously tested at the Franklin Furniture Institute (then at MS State) and were very proud of the positive results!

New Walnut Table.jpg
New Tapered Legs.jpg

As well as dining furniture, we also build a range of other items. Whether it be a Buffet/Hutch, a China Cabinet, a Sideboard, Console table, Kitchen Island or Coffee Table we are here for you. Bookcases, libraries, executive desks, entertainment centers and more. Every piece is unique and that is part of what we love most. As we often say, “You design it, we build it”.

Kitchen Island
Buffet, hutch
Custom buffet

We only build with good quality hardwoods…Alder, Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry and Oak, are the ones we most often use. Some can be stained to whatever color you want, others like Black Walnut have such rich colors they are best just as they are. Having used various lacquer products over the years, we have settled on using a combined Oil/Wax finish. This can have a flat, satin or low gloss finish. The advantage to using the Oil/Wax finish is that you can purchase the product so you can refinish your table when needed.



Black Walnut


Red Oak

Click here for a range of Old Masters Gel Stains


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