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The hearts behind the farm tables.

Meet Mark and Helen – Excited to share our story with you!

In a world buzzing with distraction, our mission is clear: to craft authentic farm tables that inspire connection, and beckon families and friends to unplug and rediscover the joy of shared moments.

We are glad you're here. 

The Heart of Home: A Story of Tradition and Connection

Growing up in Ireland, the kitchen table was more than just furniture; it was the nucleus of family life. Homework was tackled, games were played, and memories were made around that sturdy oak table, steeped in history and tradition. The same table that bore witness to generations past, now held the promise of countless memories yet to come.

Life has a funny way of leading us down unexpected paths. After years of community work in London, a chance reconnection with a childhood sweetheart from Mississippi led to a whirlwind romance in France. Amidst the charm of chateaux and vineyards, amidst the scent of fresh markets and culinary delights, the decision to embark on a new adventure was made. It was there, under the Eiffel Tower, that two souls found each other again, and a new chapter began.

From Passion to Purpose

In the quaint villages of rural France, a passion for woodworking was ignited under the guidance of a master artisan. It was a craft that spoke to the soul, a calling that could not be ignored. And so, armed with determination and a Green Card, a journey back to Mississippi was set in motion. With each stroke of the chisel and each cut of the saw, a dream took shape: to create heirloom tables that would stand as testaments to family, to tradition, and to the simple joys of gathering together.


With nearly 500 tables and counting, each piece is infused with the same love and care that once graced that kitchen table in Ireland. For us, it's more than just furniture; it's a reminder of the power of togetherness, of laughter, and of love.

Bringing Families Back to the Table

So here we are, with sawdust on our sleeves and dreams in our hearts, continuing a journey that began long ago. With each table we build, we hope to inspire families to gather, to share stories, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about the table—it's about the connections made, the traditions honored, and the love shared around it.

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