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Bringing Families Back to the Table

The Kitchen Table

It feels like the family table has always been the center of my life. Born and raised in Ireland, my childhood home was a 370-Year-Old cottage, and our lives were centered around the kitchen table.  That table was more than just a place to meet and eat. It was our desk when we did homework, a place for a game of cards, a conference table for family discussions, a work bench for arts & crafts, and a pastry counter where we learned to bake. We also had a more formal Oak Dining Table, an heirloom handed down to my parents from my grandparents. So many happy memories, eating Christmas Dinner at the same table my grandparents celebrated Christmas at years before. So many good times and good memories, I suppose it’s only fitting that I grew up to become a custom table maker.

Custom dining table with benches and chairs

A Love Meant to Be

Life is a bit like that, it seems the things that are meant to be find us. Well before becoming a furniture maker, I worked in Community Development in poor communities in London for 20 years. When it came time to change professional directions, I moved to Carcassonne in the South of France after reconnecting with my teenage sweetheart from Mississippi after 32 years. She came to France to meet me, and it was as if we had never been apart. Under the Eiffel Tower I asked her to marry me, and she said “YES”! We were married in a Blacksmith’s workshop in Scotland, then lived and worked in rural France amongst the chateaux and vineyards. Oh, the food, the markets, the lifestyle. It was wonderful!


A Passion for Handmade Tables

While in France, I took up wood working under a Master Artisan in a small village. I took to it like a duck to water.  When I received my Green Card to come to the U.S. with Helen, I said to her "This is what I want to do". We moved back to Mississippi and started building solid hardwood tables. In the decade since we took that giant leap of faith, we have built nearly 500 family tables of all shapes, sizes, and wood choices. Each table we build reminds me of growing up in a time where life centered around the family table.


Passion for Family

Life has become so busy for most of us, we are often looking at our phone or binge watching the television. Our passion is to create an Heirloom Table for families that might in some small way inspire them to shut off their devices and let life revolve around their family table for a bit. We feel each piece we build helps to bring families back to the table.

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