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Our Story
Mark Perrott, the owner and founder of Mississippi Farm Tables, was born in Limerick, Ireland. In 2012, he married Helen Ledbetter from Tupelo, Mississippi. The couple began their lives together in Southern France where they did all kinds of custom work from building libraries to remodeling kitchens. Mark, who was honing his craftsman skills, also apprenticed with a furniture artisan during this time. In 2013, he immigrated to the States, and in 2014, the workshop and storefront for Mississippi Farm Tables opened.
Family Home in Limerick, Ireland
Engagement in Paris, France
Mark Perrott

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To Mark, Mississippi Farm Tables is about bringing families together, and that does not just mean blood relatives. He believes tables are a wonderful gathering place for all types of families. Lives are conducted around family tables, meals are shared, and important conversations held.  As a whole, the business is about relationships and forming new relationships with customers and employees. That's what makes Mississippi Farm Tables different from other businesses and the reason for the many positive reviews Mississippi Farm Tables receives.
Workshop in Mississippi